K Kit lets you easily control, monitor and secure your home
from anytime, at anywhere.

Smarter, smaller, simpler, all in K Kit.


How considerate is your home?

With K Kit, your home can automatically adjust to your needs by controlling your appliances.

Super remote control in your pocket

If you own a smart phone, then all you need is K Kit to make the smart home of your dreams a reality.
With K Kit and the App, you can run your home from anywhere at anytime.

Security at your fingertips

K Kit makes it easy to set up and maintain a home security system.
Just plug in our hub, install the app, and you’re ready to go.

Save energy.

Automate your home to adjust your appliances while you’re out. K Kit can save you energy without a thought.

Comfortable life in a click

In the App, you can easily monitor the temperature and humidity at your home.
K Kit can turn on/off the air conditioner and humidifier to adjust the environment.
When you get up at night, K Kit will light up your way.

All you need is a Kit and an App.

* Compatible with iOS & android system.

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